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Robert Warren

Dear Friends,

Art is an evolution of techniques and materials from past to present and we can't stop learning. Whether you have been in almost all of my classes or this the first time you've heard of me, I have a variety of oil painting classes around the country and at my own studio, The Art Loft, to help with your goals. I hope to enhance the painting skills of all my students everywhere I travel. I feel it is my job as an instructor to teach you the most effective artistic methods with the least amount of difficulty while reminding ourselves to enjoy our challenges and celebrate our victories on canvas. Our students of all levels are continuously developing and improving their skills and receiving many awards. Each seminar, workshop, or class contains and teaches not just the elements of design, color theory and composition, but also the study of the mechanics or anatomy of the subject. Learn how to maintain the proper perspective, how to capture and control the effects of light for dramatic contrasts or create subtle atmosphere with a poetic painting. Learn not only the rules of art, but "when" and "how" to break them. You will find these higher plateaus in oil painting fun, exciting, and inspirational for many other paintings. 

We hear from so many of you asking about our schedule and we thank you for your patience and determination in planning your time. I also want to thank you for trusting that I will continue to offer challenging projects that will inspire and teach you invaluable techniques.  As most of you have already discovered, painting is an extremely positive and rewarding challenge.

Through classes and seminars you can continue to develop your skills, share ideas, join old friends and meet new friends with the same passion -- the love of painting and the desire to grow as an artist. Let me help you with the tools you need to make it happen.

Wishing you artistic success,

Robert Warren